Semiotics is the study of signs.

More specifically, it is the formal analysis of how we create meaning from intentional and unintentional messages in our environment.

Semiotics is gaining traction as a powerful tool for brand builders, marketers and designers interested in profitable innovation.

The semiotic analysis we offer:

· Is informed by neuroscience;
· Works with the constraints of non-verbal communication;
· Reveals immediately actionable, emotionally resonant strategies.

We use a highly disciplined, granular semiotic method that enables marketers to achieve impactful insights quickly — from up-stream, sensory concerns to tactical pack design and messaging.

In less than a year, our analytical processes have been enlisted by over a dozen global brands in CPG, FMCG and pharma to improve how they are “read” at shelf, in the media, and in use.

See our recent article, “Heading Upstream: Semiotic Analysis for Package Design,” from the July 2007 issue of Package Design Magazine.

There are profitable opportunities for high-emotion service offerings (such as banking and financial services) to refine and strengthen core equities, attract new business and establish meaningful growth strategies that leverage the very processes of customer perception.

If you are interested, please consult our new white paper on Logic, Emotion and Banking.

Please feel free to email us with any additional questions.

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